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John Lloyds Funeral Arrangements
Woodside Bible Church
6600 Rochester Road
Troy, MI 48085
Viewing Hours
6-9 Friday Evening and 10-11 Saturday Morning
Funeral Service 11 a.m. Saturday
Luncheon following service


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In Lieu of any floral arrangements or gifts please show your love and support of my brother and his family by clicking on the donate link above. The monies will be used to help with the costs of raising four children, and all of my brother’s hospital bills, and will be received directly by Autumn, his wife.
The following was shared on Facebook by Mark Allen Johnson yesterday about my big brother John Lloyd who passed yesterday afternoon. It is as beautifully said as anything I could muster in this time.

Today, my friend John Lloyd passed into eternity! I was fortunate enough to hold his warm hand for the very last time. As I held his hand, I prayed for him, and had his brother Matthew and sister Alison in mind… knowing that they may not be able to arrive in time! If I were to choose one word to describe John, it would be the word “Passion!” John is one of those people that is bigger than life! One of John’s greatest passions, was for the game of football! He ate, slept and breathed it… he was part of the Albion National Championship Team, then went on to coach at the collegiate level, and was currently coaching in Pontiac High School!
While at the hospital, I talked to the athletic director from Pontiac High. He told me, that just yesterday, John had come to him asking that they name one of the football achievement awards after one of the players. The athletic director told John that an award should only be named after someone that achieved something bigger than the game, or showed exceeding unparallelled passion, and said that they should hold off. That’s when his eyes welled up with tears, as he told me the award will be called the “John Lloyd Award!” It took my breathe away, as we both described his passion, and how appropriate it is!
I also talked with John’s pastor! He told me that John had completed his contribution here on earth! He then went on to tell me that John had brought his entire football team to the grace of Jesus Christ! His face lit up, as he struggled trying to describe what it was like when he prayed with John and the team! He said that he had led hundreds of prayer meetings, but when he was able to pray with John and the team, he said that he expected the lockers to tremble!
John and I had become very deep friends, and shared hundreds of laughs! We competed hard together, and opened the personal parts of our lives with one another! John will be succeeded by his wife Autumn, and his 4 children… John, Samantha, Daniel, and Matthew! He is also leaving behind his mother Laurel, brother Matthew, sister Alison, and their families. Farewell for now my friend! I Love you!


We love you too so much brother. We do and will miss you.

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10 thoughts on “

    1. God Bless! I will help coordinate a fundraiser on behalf of the family! Much love & support!
      💜 Maria Kopicki
      7th/8th Grade Teacher
      Avondale Middle School


  1. I knew John very limitey, but “passionate” fits. My prayers are with his wife, children and family. May God give you His peace at such a terribly tough time. God bless


  2. My condolences go out to you and your family. Please know that I’m praying for you and your children. Keep the faith god will wipe away your tears, just trust him.
    Pat Morris/first grade teacher


  3. Although it has been many years since high school, john was a dear friend and I have great memories. I am saddened and so sorry for your loss.


  4. John had such and impact on Pontiac students and the community in the short time he was a part of our district. I pray for his beautiful family and am grateful that I had an opportunity to get to know such a caring and passionate man.
    Susan Friend, Human Resource Director, School District of the City of Pontiac


  5. Very sad news. I had seen John a few years back and he was still the same passionate and happy guy I remembered from high school. We talked a bit about his success at Albion College. My condolences go out to his family!


  6. John and Autumn were dear friends to us while we lived in Minnesota together. I am truly and depply saddened by the passing of John and pray for strength for Autumn and his children during this time. Love you all!


  7. Coach Lloyd was one of the best teachers Croswell-Lexington High School had. He was the only teacher that encouraged me and pushed me to be better. He was one of the nicest guys, who didn’t give up on me when I wanted to give up on myself. My heart goes out to his wife, children and family. I am thankful for the time that I got to have him as a teacher.


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